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The evolution of mechanisms: a workshop on the integration of life-history evolution and physiology
The evolution of mechanisms: a workshop on the integration of life-history evolution and physiology

28-31 January, 2016, University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary

In the past decades research in behavior and life-history has been dominated by two different approaches: molecular biologists and physiologists investigated the fine-scaled mechanisms of how life-history and behavioral processes are regulated, while theoretical and organismal biology provided an explanation for the adaptive value of such traits and the evolutionary forces that shape them. While both approaches have been extremely successful, the proximate-ultimate dichotomy is not warranted anymore: our next challenge is to integrate these approaches and to understand the evolution of the genetic, endocrine and signaling pathways that ultimately lead to a bewildering diversity of life-forms.

In order to advance the discussion between these traditionally distinct areas, we organize a workshop where we invite theoreticians and empiricists working in the fields of physiology, molecular biology and evolutionary ecology to discuss the current state of the art and to articulate a research agenda for the future, where they identify the key challenges and approaches to study the evolution of the integrated phenotype and physiological underpinnings of life-history evolution. Instead of the dominantly unidirectional information flow of conference symposia, we organize this meeting to promote discussion and debate about ideas, concepts of how we can understand the evolution of mechanisms that provide the material for natural selection.

Participants are invited to give contributed talks that advance the goal of the meeting. Additional poster presentations will also be welcome.

20 October, 2015,
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